NDGCF Sponsorship


The purpose of the club is to promote Nigerian Dwarf Miniature Dairy Goats, to educate their owners about goat husbandry, provide a friendly community where small goat admirers can network with one another and put on a yearly ADGA sanctioned specialty show. Our members include 4H and FFA youth members who are interested in the goats not only for pets and fun, but for education and learning. We host club meetings every other month and have different speakers come to teach us about caring for our goats and what we can do with the goats and their milk. Small farmers and families going more organic are growing. The demand for goats’ milk products is increasing.

We host a Nigerian Dwarf only goat show each year. “ March Mini Madness” gives us a chance to meet other breeders & Nigerian Dwarf enthusiasts. We can share our experiences, breeding tips, and have fun showing off our goats. The purpose of these shows is to choose the goats with the most dairy characteristics.

We donate from the club Sponsorships for the local youth, 4H and FFA with donations for their clubs for prizes, equipment, etc. We also started having a yearly Essay Contest were all youth were eligible, three age categories and the winner of each categories won cash.

We are looking for sponsors to help cover our show expenses and our youth sponsorships. Sponsors will be listed on our website, our FaceBook pages and posters at our show. Sponsors with products to sell are welcome to set up at the show they sponsor. If their sponsorship donation is over $30, we will wave the Sponsorship fee.

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